What is a “Life Group?

A Life Group is a smaller group of people within our church who meet regularly to establish a sense of community and to live out the reality of the Christian life on a day-to-day basis. The mission of Life Groups is to grow Christ-centered communities through loving relationships.

What happens in a Life Group?

In a word, Love… God’s love. God shows his love to us through His people and there is no better way way to experience this than through a Life Group. Through a Life Group you have the opportunity to share with one another, learn about each other, grow together as a community of believers, and have fun through activities and service. As you explore God’s word together, pray for one another and challenge one another to serve you will find a closer connection to Christ. There are a variety of Life Groups to choose from and you can visit or attend other Life Groups to meet your needs. In a Life Group we want you to feel comfortable so you will not be pressured to read or comment unless you choose to.

Why should I join a Life Group?

Like the Cheers theme song says, “You want to be where everyone knows your name.” Though there is fellowship during our Sunday morning classes and celebration service home Life Groups help to fill that longing to be connected. A group is one place where you will truly have a sense of belonging; it’s a place to have fun, to feel love and express love, to know you are cared for, and a place where you can deepen your faith and walk with God.

What do you study?

Our groups usually take part in some video-based study. Each Life Group decides what the topic or series of study will be. Often times our groups will share curriculum and resources, so if there is a study that you would like to be a part of and you missed it, chances are it will be offered by one of Life Groups in the near future.

How are Life Groups formed?

They are formed based upon affinity, location, need and purpose. Every group will be different, but what is sure is that there is a Life Group for you. If you are interested in beginning a new “Life Group” please see pastor David.

Who facilitates the Life Groups?

Home Life Groups are facilitated by those who long to see others connected.

The Impact of Life Groups

Jesus, through the community of a small group, modeled how we do life together. He connected with the Disciples through life experience, further discovery through teaching, and action as they served the needs of others. Therefore here at M4C we desire for every follower of Christ to be connected in some way to a “Life Group”.