Missed a Sunday?  Want to listen to a sermon again?  Find the sermon series and the week and click to hear your favorite message. You can find sermons that were given that are not part of a series below.
Jesus Out of the Box- 29 December 2019- Jacob Hartman
Your Remarkable Story- 23 February 2020- Jacob Hartman
Life Produces Life… by Design – 1 March 2020 – Eric Neilson, Guest Speaker High Plains Christian Church, TF
Interview with Kaylee Voorhees from Pioneer Bible Translators- 18 October 2020
Veterans Day: Honored In Service (H.I.S.) November 8th 2020 Here
Visiting the Potter’s House Full Service: November 15th 2020 Here
Think Thankful Thoughts: November 22nd 2020 Here
Last Words: December 27th 2020 Here
New: January 3rd 2021 Here
Be Holy?: February 7th 2021 Here
The Peace of God: March 28th 2021 Here
Camp Report/Kaylee Voorhees Mission Report August 1st 2021: Here
What Comes First?: October 10th 2021: Here
Nehemiah: Criticism, a Sign of Success: Here
Stop: A Reflection on Sabbath: November 21st: Here
Who’s Side Are You On?: January 2nd Here
Easter Sunday: April 17th 2022 Here
Close to Home: May 8th 2022 Here
Qualified for Kingdom Work (Scott Lerwick): June 12th 2022 Here
Father’s Day Message: June 19th 2022 Here
Warrior 2022. August 28th 2022 Here
God’s Chisel. September 4th 2022 Here
Obtaining the Prize (Derek Murphy). September 11th 2022 Here
Beyond the Storm. September 18th 2022 Here
Promises and Prayers. September 25th 2022 Here
All Hail the King. November 6th 2022 Here
Put Down the Rocks. November 13th 2022 Here
25th Anniversary Sermon by Darrel Amon. November 20th 2022 Here
Fingerprints of God. November 27th 2022 Here
From Death to Life. January 1st 2023 Here
Abundant Life Sermon by Steve Edwards. March 12th 2023 Here
Twisted Truth Versus Godly Truth Sermon by Vance Russell. March 26th 2023 Here
Palm Sunday, April 2nd 2023: Here
Easter Sunday, April 9th 2023: Here
Living in Hope, May 28th 2023: Here
The Original Labor Day, September 3rd 2023: Here
The Armor of God, November 12th, 2023: Here
Pray, November 19th, 2023: Here
More Than a Name, November 26th, 2023: Here
The Heart of the Matter, January 7th, 2024: Here